Friday, 10 June 2011

:: really miss my little sweetheart ::

Posted by heyitsme_iedah at 00:28
went i thinking about you,i'm gonna cry...cry a lots...i really miss you damn much okay...i remember the last time i saw you, it's about 2 month long,right..this is a first time ever we could not see each sad..because some reasons, you be a just an innocent kid that no nothings about what happen around's happened so fast right until i cant said good bye to you,sweetheart..i'm sorry maybe because of me everything change right never and ever be like's wont be same as before..never okay..i'm speechless and don't know how to tell you about just a small kid,don't know anything saw me cried that day but i still can gave a sour smile to you,baby..then your expression change,you wanna cried too..but i gave you a toy and started to speak something to you then you became happy as usual...i'll see you one day sweetheart..i promise...i'll see you in hari raya this year..i really wanna see what the drama and who gonna be the best actress of this year..would she will do the confession in front of us or would she gonna regrets all her mistakes or would she apologize to everybody especially to mom and dad..errmm,don't know yet...anything can happen,right..i okay if she don't wanna do the last part of what i'm saying but please sorry to my parents okay..i already forgive you but i don't know with the others...
i'm sorry, i keep blaming my self~~
because i never and ever blame you, but i'm 100% blamed my self..this is me and this is real...because everything that happen around me that involve me, if there's have anything wrong, i would not blame others but i would blame my bad,right..enough for today okay..i love you so damn much and i really miss you damn much..
sorry i'm crying~~
i'm sorry, my grammar, my english are so bad...

p/s: i need the time to recover all my pains..sooner or later it'll be okay..i promise..just give me some space...

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